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Three of our project won the Good Design Award of 2013
First look on the LUMUS DK-40, a new wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display (OHMD) enabling functions such as augmented reality. 
The Lumus DK-40 will be introduced next month at CES 2014.
DK-40 on Slashgear
DK-40 on Engadget        


Stratasys is the world leader in 3D printing. I2D has recently completed the development of the Objet1000 a multi-material wide-format 3D printer for rapidly modeling of large industrial size models. The Objet1000 is part of a line of products which I2D designed for Sratasys which are based on a distinct design language creating a strong brand identity.

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Safenet is a global provider of security solutions. I2D recently completed the development of a new contemporary design language for an extensive portfolio of products. The Sentinel HL family of hardware protection and licensing keys keys boasts a wide variety of form factors while providing the most comprehensive end-user enhancements, the highest level of security, housed in a sleek, new design.
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Landa Nanographic Printing Press
The goal of the design of the Landa printing press was to translate Landa’s Nanographic digital printing revolution into a groundbreaking design.
Landa Nanographic Printing Presses

Saplingc Wireless Synchronized Clocks

Winner of good design award 2011

 Sapling is a pioneer in the field of synchronized timekeeping systems I2D developed a comprehensive design language for the product line.


Sapling Synchronized time system

DSPG Smart Phone received the GoldStar award 2011
DSP Group is a global leader in the field of home communication solutions. I2D developed design strategy and design language for DSPG 's next generation product line. The objective was to create a convincing reference design for a smart phone which would demonstarte the potential of such device for the home. The Smart phone runs Android has a 5" display and an integrated premium sound system.

DSPG Smart phone

Soda Club Crystal Receives the Atir Award

The Crystal is a soda machine  to prepare sparkling drinks in an elegant glass carafe. The Crystal has been chosen by 10,000 German consumers as their " PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2011" in terms of innovation and consumer satisfaction.  

SodaClub Crystal

Medtronic Launches Polestar-S30

Winner of the Good Design Award 2009

The PoleStar is an advanced intraoperative MR Imaging system. The polestar is used during complicated brain surgery procedures.

Polestar S30

Notal Vision Forsee wins the

Good Design Award 2008

ForeSee is a home device for the elderly which enabled patients to self monitor their AMD condition. It runs a visual field test and the system analyzes the results and diagnoses the clinical condition.





Notal Vision Foresee Home

Connex500™ wins the Red Dot design award 2008

The Connex500™ is the first 3-D rapid prototyping system which offers the unparalleled ability to simultaneously print parts of multiple model materials, with different mechanical or physical properties, all in a single build.

Objet Connex500™

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